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Obviously now I should practice my speech for tmr … why I’m here =_=;

Just wanna say sth … like i’m kinda stress cuz idk why I ALWAYS give a speech over time … if they want me to give 3-5, i give them 7 and now its 7 and I give them 10 …WTH?!

Or I really have no skill abt managing time? wtf =_=;

Anyway…my speech is abt SCHIZOPHRENIA …

the only reason I choose this is becuz of it’s spelling I SWEAR!! xDDDD

I’m thinking about phobia thingie but … neh D: everyone may heard abt it for like million times =_=

wb NOETIC SCIENCE? aaa that’s kinda kool but its too hard for me to understand all the physics thingie and stat and BLEHHHHHH!!!! -vomit-

so…i’m just here … relax … and thinking abt taking shower before practice speech again =.=~

wish me a luck :D

my beloved randomness =_=;~

sometimes i stop and think about what i’m doing … and ask myself

"Hey Jen … do u really suit here? r u gonna b a good animator in the future?"

Completely have no idea =_=;

I’m too silly to answer that question xD

but since i have lots of friends around me … i found many good friends here all the weirdo here really and extremely make me happy :D

If i give up since i know i’m in pre-college and its like forever there … Ima not meet all the great dude here :)

now I choose this way and i’m happy … mayb its enough? 

idk…i just found two ppl here … who I really love them >.<~

yeah and they will b my bestie forever … 

we just know each other for about a year or less … hmm less than a year i guess XDD

but i totally love u guys :P

wow … i’m so random today DUH DUH~!


Just back from ‘หงส์เหนือมังกร’ the musical with EM friends…

at first the teacher convince ALL of us to go … so I think it’s gonna b so cool or sth cuz we’r the entertainment media students and this must b useful :D

And yeah … its late … start at 7 30pm finish at 11 pm … gr8 !

The actors r nice … their voice r really fantastic and also the music and scenes … so cool

but the story is kinda weird for me like DARNNNNNN I EXPECT MOREEE!!!!! 

so … I’ll give them 6/10 

3 for actores , 3 for music , 3 for scene , and take off 3 for the plot =_=

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